ELECTRICAL AND LIGHTING RESOURCES, INC. specializes in design and installation of energy efficient lighting systems.


The team is comprised of energy lighting developers and construction professionals that have a long history of providing design and construction services for lighting projects. We have performed energy auditing, performance analysis, and project development services for clients throughout the United States. Our team of professionals has been involved in designing and implementing large commercial and military lighting retrofits since 1992.


Through the process of implementing lighting upgrades, we compliment a team of professionals comprised of electrical and lighting auditors and developers, construction project managers, and field implementers with unique field savvy and practical skills. All aspects of design, installation, testing, set up, turnover, and ongoing operations are meticulously addressed so that the building owner can rest easy that the lighting and occupancy control systems operate correctly, the first day, and every day thereafter. With our experience and knowledge of building lighting systems, Electrical and Lighting Resources USA, Inc. is an invaluable resource during both the design and implementation of lighting solutions. We know what should be applied and how to apply it, while listening to the customer to make sure they are satisfied with the system.